COVID-19 Update

Sol Solutions will be providing our services as scheduled at the appropriate time this spring.

​We have reviewed Governor Polis’ Executive Order. We will continue our operations based on the following guidance:

11. critical Services Necessary to Maintain the Safety, Sanitation and critical Operations of Residences or Other critical Businesses, Including: general maintenance whether employed by the entity directly or a vendor.

It is imperative that we are compliant with CDC requirements regarding social distancing and are working within recommended hygiene guidelines. Additionally, we perform our services outdoors, without physical contact with customers. 

Our standard practice has been to contact our customers prior to our applications. This type of communication will continue this season. Please provide any specific instructions prior to our visit as our applicators have been instructed to perform the requested services without knocking on the door first unless you specifically request communication at the time of service. Property reviews and sight visits will be completed while maximizing social distancing practices. Where possible a walk-through will be conducted by communicating via phone; text, email, or when necessary by in person communication while keeping our distance. 

We anticipate that your services will be completed as they normally would be. Thank you in advance for your business and understanding should any scheduling or additional procedural changes become necessary in this ever-changing environment. 

Thank you, 

T.J. Thrasher 
Owner / Manager